Over 1 Million Dead Voters Will Vote In This Election- PDP

ThePeoples Democratic Party (PDP) has alledged that there are over one million names of dead people in the voter register to be used for Saturday’s presidential election.

The party also added the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) owed Nigerians a duty to ensure only those eligible were allowed to vote during the general elections.

The National Chairman of the party, Prince Uche Secondus, who disclosed this at a press conference held at the party’s campaign headquarters in Abuja Thursday, said “there were manipulation of security agencies, abuse of PVC and misuse of state resources.”

Secondus said: “It is clear that INEC did not in fact do a clean-up of the register of voters before it published it. In previous INEC administrations, this eventuality was mitigated byadministrative arrangements wherein a voter did accreditation in the morning and voted in the afternoon.

“The Voter register contains the data of dead voters. PVC for dead voters were printed and distributed nationwide. Government data shows that the gross death rate in Nigeria is 12.5 per 1000 lives. We have evidence that over 1,050,051 dead voters will vote in this election.”

The party also said INEC listed foreigners mainly from Niger and Cameroon as voters, adding that“that is why INEC has established so many polling units along the border with Cameroon and Niger. That is despite the fact that population data does not justifythe move.

“As we prepare for the general elections on Saturday, multiple intelligence sources available to us in PDP, shows that All Progressives Congress (APC), in conjunction with INEC, through their ICT situation room have concluded plans to manipulate the outcome ofSaturday’s election.

“By deliberately corrupting the INEC voter register to induce voter suppression in PDP’s strong hold operations areas, with the aim of disenfranchising at least four voters through corruption of their four names on the voters register.

“The strategy is to create artificial problems wherein at least four registered voters can be disfranchised in PDP stronghold areas. The target is to adequately limit the estimated members of PDP who would want to vote in their areas.

“The other intelligence available to the party also shows that some uniforms of para-military and military operatives, particularly the army and police have been produced in large numbers for use by civilians during the voting period.”


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