Yemi Alade Breaks History With 100million Views On YouTube

Late in December 2018, Davido made history becoming the first Nigerian artist to hit the 100M view mark on video streaming site, YouTube, with his video for ‘Fall.’

Few months later, the video that for long was the most viewed African video, Yemi Alade‘s ‘Johnny’ has followed suit, achieving the landmark number of views on the site.

Yemi Alade shared her excitement at this feat on her Instagram page in a post on Sunday, January 27, 2019, where she thanked her fans for their support.


See Here!!!(Instagram)

The singer also promised her fans that she will be ”putting in more work this year” as she was encouraged by the support.

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Other Nigerian videos that are close to hitting the landmark number include ‘Pana’by Tekno, which has been viewed over 90M P-Square’s ‘Personally’ with over 87M andRuntown’s ‘Mad Over You’ with over 81M views


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