Update- Lady who goes nu.de says – “If I’m ra.ped, I’ll blame myself”…

Ama Richest is a nu.de Photo Model who says if she ever becomes victim to ra.pe, she won’t blame anyone but herself. There was a frenzy on social media earlier last week with pictures of the model, with colourful inscriptions detailing the issues that dominated the headlines a few weeks back, on her bare body.

The pictures were taken by Kwesi Nikon a photographer, who describes himself as a nudist, stirred a lot of conversations on social media.

As some gave their harsh comment on the images, others admired it simply as art.

Ama Richest, however, believes that if ever her nu.de pictures cause any man to commit the crime of ra.pe, “well I’m going to blame myself,” she admitted.

She, however, added that “there is no way someone is going to ra.pe me because I take very good care of myself.”

The model, who also owns and operates a pub, told Ady Dosty on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM that, despite the attempts to ridicule her, she is not ready to give up her career as a nu.de model.

She says she “will do more”.

According to her, it is the only job she knows, and she admits the income is good.


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