Update- Botswana Singer Lorraine Lionheart – “I Flaunt my Bum as a sign of appreciation to God”…

Lorraine Lionheart who just released a single in Nigeria titled ‘Keke Napep’, has explained why she flaunts her se.xy hips and bum.

In an Instagram post, flaunting her bum, Lionheart wrote this:

 “I think if I didn’t flaunt it, the Lord would be very upset with me. And I am not an ungrateful child,”

In another of her post, flaunting another yet disarming picture, the singer said she never really knew she had a big bum until people started flooding her page with direct mails to comment on it.

“I like people who DM and say, “you have a big ass”. If I had time for pointless conversations I would probably reply with, “Oh, really? Well, I had no idea. Never noticed but thanks for pointing that out,” she said


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