UPDATE- iCover Launches The First Ever Nigerian Mobile Magazine (Second Edition) | @iam_utfresh…

Hey guys, how long has it being since you read a good magazine with nice coloured graphics and well  doctroed write ups to sooth, enlighten your mind. 

Wait, hold that thought. 
When was the last time you read a magazine ON YOUR PHONE, like its right there on your phone with you, every time of the day, any where you go ?? 
Never I guess.

Well there is good news, because iCover Magazine is here.

This is the number 1 official Soft Copy Magazine in Nigeria like now.  With its second editon. Since it’s release it has gotten as much as 2056 downloads and still counting. 
People love it, trust me you will love it.
Its our job to blow you away with exclusive interviews and cover stories of your favorite celebrities.

All you need  do, is hit the downlaod button below and be blown away.

Click Here…

Read iCover Magazine before anything else

Follow iCover Magazine on Instagram @icovermagazine


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