UPDATE- Man Jumps Out Of Taxi, Naked In Abuja Nigeria…

Some people living around Chida junction in Utako, Abuja, were shocked on Tuesday, January 31, when the middle-aged man ran out from a taxi, took off his clothes and ran n*ked for up to two kilometres before eventually making a stop. 

According to eyewitnesses, the man who appeared to be confused, was under a ‘spiritual attack’.


One eyewitness said: “He alighted from a taxi, removed all his clothes including underwear, placed his phones on the clothes and started running.”


Another said: “After he returned to his senses, he hid behind a vehicle trying to cover himself until some fellows took his clothes to him. He left here about 15 minutes ago. But he was calm and sober having recovered from whatever had happened to him.”


The n*ked man reportedly confessed that his condition defied medical treatment and it wouldn’t be the first time this has happened to him, as he also rejected offers of treatment from sympathisers who also offered to take him to a pastor.


Watch the video below

http://videos.nur.kz/embed=fd57fqs5” http:=”” videos.nur.kz=”” embed=”fd57fqs5"” allowfullscreen=”” style=”width:288;height:352;border:none;”>Watch


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