Famous cross dresser Bobrisky has found himself more than a serious crush.

Today, Tuesday, January 2, 2017, self-acclaimed relationship expert Joro Olumofin shared a mail he received from the United States of America.
In the mail, the American man whose name was not revealed proclaimed his undying love for Bobrisky and said that Nigeria is not ready for him.

Bobrisky has a serious crush
The unidentified 35 year-old man also said he is willing to take Bobrisky to America and marry him. “I want to bring him to the US and marry him.”

“I’m addicted to his Snapchat, the way he whine (sic) his waste (sic) my God!” the love struck man further wrote.
The man in question revealed he sent Bobrisky a message on Instagram which he replied to, but since then Bobrisky hasn’t paid much attention to him.

Bobrisky finds Christianity more convenient as opposed to being a Muslim. 

In November, Bobrisky revealed that he is not keen on sex and women.

“I am not a womaniser but that does not mean I can’t get down with a woman. One man’s food is another man’s poison. I am not the type who really loves sex or women. It takes a while for me to get into relationships. I went to a boarding school so I have been trained to be indoors.

“You hardly see me everywhere which makes it difficult to really be into women. I am only popular because God wants me to. I hardly attend parties or grant interviews. I didn’t struggle to be out there. Some habits are peculiar to men like drinking, smoking etc.” he said in an interview with Vanguard.

Concerning his relationship status, the cross dresser finally disclosed that he is indeed in a relationship with a lady currently in London.”My girlfriend is in London and she has been calling me to know the situation of things.”

Bobrisky, who hails from a Muslim family has also disclosed that practicing Islam would have been a problem for him if he was still actively involved in it.

We wish him d best in his quest for love!!!!


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