A young man has told of the unbelievably strange experience he had in his home after his father was attacked at night by strange forces.

File photo used only for illustrative purpose
The young man shared his story on a popular online forum in Nigeria.
According to him, he had a most frightening experince recently.
He revealed that his father was attacked by what he called an “evil spirt” and suddenly screamed out of sleep.
After the incident, he was left badly shaken.
Below is how he told the story (edited):
It was around 1:05am and I was still online when I heard my shout out “in Jesus name leave”.
His voice shook the house.
I was scared and I called on my mum; she too was scared and told me to go and check up on him, so I asked my half brother to follow me, though he was very much sleepy and was just walking with his eyes closed.
When we entered my father’s room my mum had already joined us.
My father explained what happened. He said he was lying on his bed when his head suddenly began to feel very heavy.
He said he then saw someone trying to lift his mosquito net up to touch him. He siad even though he tried to fight off the force, he coudn’t.
He said, after minutes of intense struggle, he finally managed to scream the name of Jesus and the person oppressing him was suddenly gone.
My father’s story has shaken me up thoroughly. I’m scared. He had never told us a thing like this before and he is not the type to make up stories. In fact he looked scared.
Is this spirit gone, cause I use to watch movie at night in the sitting room now am so scared.
Nepa brought light during that incident if not I will not have been able to sleep. I had to keep the main bulb in my room on. When my dad was talking about it, there was some a chilly silence all over the room
We have being living in our house for 12 years now.
What do we do?

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