A man and his woman have been caught on camera having s*x while driving along the road not caring about the consequences.

The couple was caught driving and having s*x

This is the moment an unbelievable couple was caught havng s*x while driving.

The randy couple obviously couldn’t wait to get home when they decided to have s*x in a car while cruising down a state highway.

According to Daily Mail, the incident occurred along the Eisenhower expressway, west of Chicago.

A sensible driver would never have taken his hands off the wheel or eyes off the road but this motorist manages to keep control of the car despite being otherwise pre-occupied with his female passenger.

The excitable pair were caught on camera in their mini-van by another couple driving beside them.

Despite realising they are being filmed, the couple carry-on without a care in the world.

The female driver of the other car can be heard telling her reluctant cameraman to make sure he has ‘got the shot’.

‘I want to get her bouncing again,’ she says.

But her hesitant passenger who is filming the act on his mobile phone says: ‘I’m not looking. 


‘I have got the shot. I’m not looking. I’m done.’ 

Watch the video below:



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