Miss Travis, the American woman with inapprehensible mammary glands has stood up to her bullies by flaunting her massive watermelons on social media to boost the morale of women being humiliated across the world for being plump.

Extremely busty American woman, L. Travis self-styled Poetry who is based in the United States of America has littered her Instagram page with her mind-boggling boobs photos with words of encouragement to women across the world to express pride and confidence in their body structures regardless of the aspersions cast on them by bullies.

According to the black woman whose relationship status is currently unknown, she grew up debased and disoriented by the general public who believed her breasts size is an anomaly but overtime, she has concluded that it’s a gift from ‘providence’.

Part of her words of encouragement and strength read:

“My Body/Breast ‘not a good look’ to many Females or Males. And that’s fine. Im not for everyone. I’m for Myself, for I was born to have A big bust. That doesn’t make me less Beautiful nor does it make me funny shape because you look different than I do. Be Blessed! -Poe (God Loves You for you So Love me For me) .”

The curvy and beautiful woman currently runs a Youtube channel where she shared an emotional video or short documentary of herself.

The video has recorded thousands of views across the world.

 L. Travis currently boasts of 223,000 followers on Instagram while she follows only 82 people.

See more photos and video below:




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