Se​nator Oluremi Tinubu, who represents the Lagos Central Senatorial District in the Senate, today requested police protection from the Acting Inspector-General of Police arising, following the menacing July 14 behavior of Senator Dino Melaye towards her during a discussion. 

“It was the timely intervention of a number of colleagues which prevented Senator Melaye from unleashing a physical attack on me,” she said in a letter to the police boss.  “However, as the leadership of the Senate did not call him to order in the circumstance, he proceeded to threaten my life without any provocation whatsoever.” 

Various Senators who were present during the altercation confided in the press that Mr. Melaye said he would beat up and impregnate Senator Tinubu, wife of the National Leader of their common All Progressives Congress (APC) party, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, and that he would incur no repercussions.

Melaye subsequently denied the reports, but not the altercation, without stating exactly what he had said to Senator Tinubu during his outburst.

Recalling Senator Melaye’s antecedents in the federal legislature, “particularly in the House of Representatives where a brawl led by him had led to the untimely death of a member,” Senator Tinubu said in the letter she decided not to ignore his threat to her life.

Last week, Asiwaju Tinubu warned Mr. Melaye not to believe his own hype should he beat up another Senator, saying the Kogi Senator had sunk to his “lowest ever.”

“Things will happen,” he promised through his spokesman Sunday Dare. 

“From this point, it is downhill for him,” he promised, describing Melaye as “a disgrace to the Senate of the Republic‎.”

Earlier today, a group of Lagos women loyal to Senator Tinubu held a street demonstration in the city against the harassment by Melaye.  They demanded a written apology for their Senator. 

Senator Melaye was reported to have travelled to Lagos at the weekend, taking to social media to announce his arrival and his readiness to confront those who had dared him to show up in the state. 

He later posted photographs of himself in which he said he was “walking freely” on Bourdillion Road, the upscale Ikoyi neighborhood where the Tinubus live. 

Melaye, the former Representative-turned wealthy Senator, continued the suggestion that somehow, he is now untouchable. 

It is not yet clear if the Acting IGP has granted Senator Tinubu’s request



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