My name is Udy and I just got married six months ago but as I write this, I am done with the marriage. I want to file a divorce but I need to get some wider range of advice from your teeming readers.

I know many would wonder why I would decide to walk out on such a young marriage but I must say that there are some women who would not take adultery or a cheating spouse lying low, and I am such a woman.

I am a very jealous woman and one thing I can never accept is sharing my man with another woman, not to talk of the man being my lawfully wedded husband.

I met my husband, Donald, two years ago after my so-called fiance, Matt, got my friend pregnant. In his defense, Matt said Amanda seduced him and he had sex with her once and the result was the pregnancy. I wished them good luck and walked away.

That was when I met Don and though I did not accept to date him initially, he came on so strong and had all the qualities I wanted in a man.

Gradually, I began to fall in love with him and after a year, he proposed. It took me six months to agree to marry Don, and that was after I had put him to several tests, the most important being his faithfulness.

In that period, Don had dropped every relationship he had and since we were almost together every other day, I had no reason to believe he was cheating on me.

We got married in early February, 2016, in a big society wedding but six months later, I am ready to walk away. On the day I would always call ‘Black-Monday’, Don and I had left the home at about 6am for our various places of work. he was even the one that dropped me off in my office before going to his.

But at about 8am, I started feeling cramps in my stomach and when it got worse, my Line Manager advised I go to the hospital. After tests in the hospital, the doctor told me I was two months pregnant and that it was a normal sign with an early trimester.

I called my husband’s number to inform him how I was feeling but his line was switched off. I felt he was busy at work and would not want to be distracted.

I called my boss and told her the result of the test and she told me to take the day off and rest till I was strong enough to come to work. I took a taxi home and the first sign that something was wrong was when I saw Don’s car parked on our street. I was surprised because I never expected him to be home at that time.

I did not give a second thought to that and felt there must be a reason for him to be home. I hurried into our compound and clearly noticed the way the security man looked at me. The sitting room door was locked and I went to the kitchen door at the back and used my key to let myself into the house.

I froze when I saw a lady’s handbag and shoes in the sitting room. My head was swirling at the moment and several thoughts were running in my mind. I prayed it was not what I was thinking.

I tiptoed towards our bedroom and the unmistakable sounds of sex coming out hit me straight in the heart. I turned the handle of the door and it opened and what did I see, my husband was on top of a strange woman on our bed.

They did not see me immediately until I screamed and fainted. I came out of coma some hours later and the incident came back to me with such force I almost passed out again. The most painful thing is that I had a miscarriage because of the shock of what I saw.

Don, friends and even family members on both sides have been begging me to give him another chance but I do not think I can ever forgive him or forget what i saw. I have since packed out of the house and am currently staying with a friend but the rage in me has refused to go down.




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