If you had the powers to turn into any animal you want, at any time you want, what animal would you turn into during s*x to ensure that you gain ultimate satisfaction?


Popular Ghanaian gospel musician, Florence Obinim has said that her husband, Bishop Daniel Obinim, leader of the International God’s Way Church, can transform into a snake or other animals like a horse during s*x.

It was also reported that about a month ago, the Bishop, publicly stated that he had such supernatural abilities to turn into animals and even expressed surprise that other church leaders could not do same.

While speaking to Accra based OKAY FM, Florence, the beautiful wife of the Bishop, said she is the “most fulfilled and sexually satisfied woman in the world because each night during s*x, her husband turns into a horse and easily give her about two hours of uninterrupted love-making, earning her countless orgasm.”

Answering a question on what animal her husband turns into during s*x, she said “he first tried a snake but I was so scared he wouldn’t come out if he entered me as a snake. And the following night, he tried a horse which was so perfect.”

She added; “Since then, he knows what I love and appreciate, so the moment the foreplay ends, he transforms into a horse and starts knocking me from behind, enough for my huge blessed backside.”

When she was asked about how often they have s*x, she refused to answer, saying, ‘that’s private.’

Sources: ScrewLife / Dailyguide


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