IStandWithBuhari – a pro-Buhari group, has descended into crisis which has led to the resignation of its National Coordinator, Mustapha Ramalan.

A pro-Buhari group, #IStandWithBuhari, seems to be currently rocked with crisis following the resignation of the national coordinator, Mustapha Ramalan, who reportedly resigned because he had no faith in the direction of the group and its decision.
When contacted by a correpondent, Ramalan confirmed his resignation, saying he was not comfortable with the way some decisions were taken in the group, especially with regard to the proposed nine million-man pro-Buhari march.
“Having led the organization these past couple of weeks, I have reached a hard and inevitable decision of stepping down as its national coordinator with immediate effect.
“If I must lead the organization, I must be convinced more than anyone, on the path we chose for ourselves,”Ramalan said.
An associate of the former coordinator, Abdullahi Aliyu said the proposed planned march for Buhari was not only postponed but overruled.
“Mr. Ramalan is of the opinion that the nine million-man pro-Buhari march should be postponed because the government is still trying to pick up and hence should be given more time to justify the nine million-man march. Not this time.”
It should be noted that Ramalan was appointed to lead the group earlier this month with his replacement yet to be announced

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