A 33-year-old commercial sex worker, Beauty Nhkwara has been arrested for allegedly cutting off her boyfriend’s penis after he caught her having sex with one of her clients.

The incident happened at the Gweru area, Mkoba 4 Suburb, Zimbabwe, after Nhokwara’s boyfriend, Herbert Jani, told her to perform oral sex on hm just the way she did to men who paid for her services.
Enraged that Jani, with whom she had a child, had scared off her customer, the accused held his manhood and cut off the foreskin.

Nhokwara told the Presiding Provisional Magistrate, Musaiwona Shotgame that she goes to night clubs to look for her clients, in the same manner she met Jani in the first place, and brought them home but he got upset and became violent after finding her with a client and chased the man away.

Nhokwara said Jani, after getting rid of her client, unzipped his trousers and ordered her to suck his manhood, ‘like she did with other men who paid for her services.’
She said: “Your worship, I’m a frequent visitor of clubs and I first met Jani at a club and he hired me for sexual services. That is when I got pregnant.

“On that night, I had gone to a club and brought a client home but Jani came and met him. He got angry and chased my client away and then brought out his manhood and told me to suck it.
“I refused and he started assaulting me. I just held his manhood with my hands.”

According to her, Jani dragged her around the house and later released her with a threat that he would report her to the police. However, Jani’s account on the assault was entirely different as he claimed that they had gone to sleep after the argument when he woke up in intense pain, to find his manhood bleeding profusely only to discover that Nhokwara had cut him. Jani was rushed to the hospital where he was treated and subsequently discharged.

The Chronicle reports that the accused was charged on a one count of domestic violence and was subsequently sentenced to perform 117 hours community service with a 15-year jail term out of which, 6 months were suspended.


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