Faking it

Faking it


A lot of women think it is literally impossible to catch them faking an orgasm. Granted, it can be very difficult. But impossible? No way. Here are some hints and tip to catch a faker. But go easy on them, they really mean well not to hurt you ego.

1. She looks too sexy

Faking it

Faking it



A lot of women have internalized the idea that they are supposed to look sexy when they are having an orgasm. Far from it. No one really has a sexy ‘cum-face’ apart from porn and movie stars who have to play to our ideas of aesthetics to sell their product.

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2. Little or no muscle clinching

Ab tone

Ab tone



More than just the walls of a woman’s vagina is involved in the process of her orgasm. If you are in the missionary position, watch her abdomen for contractions. And if you are inside her, you should notice her vagina contract even though this can be fakes with pelvic crunches. However, the real deal tends to occur in more rapid succession and lasts for about 10 to 15 seconds.

3. Overly fast refractory period

Orgasm graph

Orgasm graph



While women hardly have a refectory period with orgasms compared to men, clitoral orgasm can result to the clitoris becoming sensitive for a while. If you have memories of a girl pushing you away from her vagina during cunnilingus then you are familiar with this phenomenon. A g-spot orgasm is almost without refractory period so that is more difficult to trace. Sorry guys.

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4. Arched curvature of the back

Curven back

Curven back



This is the one that catches out most women because for the most part women aren’t aware of this. The nervous reaction to orgasms makes it impossible to arch the back as we often see in movies. A woman really having an orgasm will lift her entire body off the bed with her spine straight (her bum will be raised so only her head supports her). If you catch her arching her back, take heart. It happens to the best of us.


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