We don’t like to talk about sex in public; as for body part fetishes, even between couples that can remain a lifetime secret. Here are some body parts you just might be surprised to know someone you know is into.

1. Armpits





People would rather jump off a cliff than admit that their armpits could turn them on. This is ironic because we know from tickling alone that the armpits is crowded by sensitive nerve endings. It remains a very awkward play to lick someone’s armpits or even to allow someone lick ours, but the science doesn’t lie and the research is in.

2. Anuses

She said it

She said it



Now you think admitting an armpit fetish is easy, try admitting a anus fetish. In recent times this formerly almost unspoken fetish has gained popularity with Jhene Aiko letting us know that if a guy came close to her, he would have to “eat her booty like groceries”. The butthole is filled with sensitive nerve endings and possibly mental stimulation because it is thought of as an extreme perversion.

3. Feet




Feet fetish account for 25% of all body fetishes but somehow no one seems to admit to finding toes remotely sexy (besides maybe Quintin Trentino). Sucking toes or having your sucked can be an awkward experience because socially it is considered weird. But hey, numbers don’t lie so try to keep your feet clean. You never know what your partner might be into.

4. The male G-spot

Male G-spot

Male G-spot



This one is particularly tricky because anything that could be remotely homosexual is strongly suppressed by the male ego. However, it is no secret that even straight men can enjoy being anally stimulated. Apparently the male G-spot orgasm blows the penis orgasm out the water. So it really is only a question of how far you are willing to go (yes, pun definitely intended).


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