In this shocking story, two lovers die in each other’s arms before wedding day. Read the tragic story of what happened.

Aleksey and Yana, both 20-years-old, died in a tragic accident just days before their wedding. The terrible accident happened in the village of pestovskoye in western Russia. The two lovers died in each other’s arms alongside the groom’s cousin Nikita.
The accident happened when they had a collision with a local hunter driving a Suzuki Grand Vitara jeep.
The lover’s car was damaged beyond recognition as it rolled over several times after it crashed. The incident was captured by a CCTV camera of a roadside cafe. Rescuers also found out that Aleksey had his arm around Yan in a way to suggest he was trying to protect her before the accident.
A devastated Aleksey’s mother wants the other driver involved in the accident to apologize as the man has not spoken or contacted her since the accident.
She said: “We are not holding grudges against the man. He will not be able to return the kids, and we do not want to damage his life either.”
Police are still studying the CCTV footage to ascertain whether to take further action against the driver of the Suzuki who survived the accident.

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