Beyond the moans and the gasping and the whispers, the twining bodies the clawing the twisting and twirling, a lot happen in a woman’s sexual response cycle.

The most noticeable thing are tensed muscles and a noticeable acceleration of heart rate, blood pressure and breathing

Sexual stimulation could come from a touch as part of foreplay, something she sees (e.g. porn or a man she likes) or self-pleasure/ masturbation.

Eat her up!Eat her up!

(Olexander Buzhenko)

And a lot happens once she is sexually triggered…

  1. Her vagina begins to self-lubricate

  2. Her vagina expands and lengthens

  3. Her outer lips, inner lips, clitoris and sometimes

  4. Her breasts begin to swell.

  5. Her vaginal lips become puffier

  6. Her tissues of the walls of the outer third of the vagina swell with blood

  7. Her opening to the vagina narrows

  8. Her clitoris disappears into its hood.

  9. Her vagina’s  inner labia change colour

  10. Her breathing and pulse rates quicken

  11. Her body may blush in some parts, like the face, stomach, chest, shoulders, breasts or neck

  12. Her thigh, hands and buttocks muscles tense up

  13. Her vaginal walls contract rhythmically every eight-tenths of a second as she reaches orgasm

  14. Her uterus’ muscles contract

  15. Her genitalia experience peak blood-vessel engorgement

  16. Her orgasm may comes with muscular reflex of the hands and feet.

  17. After orgasm, her uterus and clitoris return to their normal positions.

  18. All swelling recedes

  19. Her muscles relax

For women, sex is more than a physical experience.


If they must experience orgasm, a more intense and personal experience, beyond mere penile penetration, is needed.

Most times, direct stimulation of the clitoris is needed.

Also, a woman needs to be mentally and physically involved in the sex act to really enjoy it…



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