Jose Mourinho admits Chelsea’s poor form is ‘worst period’ in his career as Blues aim for three points against Southampton.

Jose Mourinho
As the Blues go into Saturday evening’s match with Southampton at Stamford Bridge sitting in 14th place in the Barclays Premier League, coach Jose Mourinho has admitted Chelsea’s start to the season is the ‘worst period’ in his career.
Having won just two of their first seven matches, they were also beaten 2-1 by Porto in the Champions League on Tuesday evening.
On his worst ever season in his coaching career:
I define it as the worst period in my career with the worst results in my career, which I see as a fantastic experience. Not one I want to repeat. I want it to finish tomorrow, but it’s a good experience in my career. It comes too late. To come after 15 years is too late. It should come after three or four.
But it’s something that’s helping me to be better. It’s a great negative experience. It’s the worst results. I’ve had big challenges all the time. But it’s the worst period: I’ve never lost so many matches, that’s a fact.
On Chelsea’s lack of consistency this season and primadonnas in his squad:
It’s difficult to answer, but the players know. They know. When you make a big mistake, you know and you feel. I don’t know in your jobs, in your newspaper offices, the way you deal with mistakes.
When I read what some of you like, it looks like you do what you want and nothing happens. Or if somebody criticises you, you start crying because you don’t accept it. That you are a bit of a primadonna and it becomes a drama.
In here we speak openly. You did that, you could to that, you could help your mate, I did that mistake but you could do a bit better to compensate for my mistake. We communicate openly. No primadonnas crying.
On his defender Branislav Ivanovic been termed the most flopped player so far:
Ivanovic likes to speak with me, and Ivanovic likes to speak with me about his mistakes, and is not crying. He’s not crying, he’s not a primadonna, and I’m critical with him.
We speak about what he has to do to try and improve. I have no doubts he is my best right-back, and that he has to improve in some aspects of his game this season. Simple as that.
On if he feels under any additional pressure for his team’s performances:
When I am top of the league and the second team are a point behind. That’s the pressure I like. I don’t like the pressure where we are, but I cope well with it. It’s always about the next match. I’m waiting for tomorrow, want to play, so I cope. I cope.

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