A pastor of the popular MFM ministries has battered his wife beyond recognition over her decision to break up with him.

Tunde Tolulope Ajayi and his embattled wife, Yemisi Abiose Ajayi
A pastor of the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries, MFM, named Tunde Tolulope Ajayi and his embattled wife Yemisi Abiose Ajayi have been locked in a battle of wits and punches and she says he beat her to a pulp yesterday, 30th of September at Casso area of Alagbado, Lagos.

Photos of the battered lady and husband was shared on Facebook by ‘Violence Against Women’ activist Ify Onyegbule, adding that she just got off the phone with Yemisi who said to her that she had taken in all the maltreatment for 17 years they had been married but couldn’t take it anymore when one of her 3 children died and the man won’t give her peace.

Yemisi is currently out of her matrimonial home and her pastor husband seems bent on frustrating her life which is against the doctrine of the bible.

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