For bluntly refusing to give him a hug as requested, Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson, has been assaulted by a Nigerian man in Ghana.

Actress Yvonne Nelson above, Elvis Eze in the insert bottom right
According to NewsOne, a Nigerian identified as Elvis Eze aka Elvis Casino, reportedly physically assaulted popular Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson because she refused to hug him.
Elvis is said to have verbally abused the actress and even chased her to her car, while fiercely pushing her head and was heard yelling very many unprintable words at her.
The incident happened on Saturday night during the birthday party of actress, Ingrid Alabi in Accra, Ghana.
Elvis was said to have joined Yvonne to take photos with Ingrid but after the photos, he requested a hug from Yvonne but she declined and that was why he was infuriated. He was overheard yelling: “Who are you? Who the f*ck do you think you are? Who do you think you are?”.
It was the timely intervention of eyewitnesses what rescued frightened Yvonne from the physical attacks.
The case was said to have been reported to the East Legon Police but Elvis, who was one of those Ingrid invited for the party, is allegedly evading arrest.

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