UK Metro has focused on Choon Tan, a man who is known as one of the smallest body builders in the world as a result of a growth deficiency which he suffered.

Choon Tang in the middle
Choon Tan is one of the world’s smallest body builders at 4ft 10in, he’s officially the smallest in the UK. The 21 year old started bodybuilding after being teased for being virtually brief.
He has a genetic birth defect that affects bone development and stunted his growth. He decided that if he couldn’t change his height, he could at least change his body. He may still be small but he has a banging body now.
 “I didn’t feel that I was as good or the same as everyone else. I got bullied and tormented because of it.Those several years were undoubtedly the worst of my life, but it is what led me to an incredible eye-opening journey,”Choon told UK Metro.

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