The expectant couple were thrown into shock when they sighted an adult face in the ultrasound photo of their unborn child.

After a scare over their baby’s movement last week, parents-to-be, Yvonne Spence and John Reynolds who have experienced a difficult pregnancy went for an ultrasound on their unborn baby boy at 32 weeks.
When they got home, John said:  “We never noticed anything until we got home and looked at the scan picture, as we were more concerned everything was OK with baby.”
As the couple looked at the image in more detail, they noticed an adult face in the scan picture.
John, who admitted his shock,said: “You can clearly see the face of a young man in the scan picture, we can not explain this – and are spooked by it!”
John says the face bears no resemblance to anyone on either side of their families, but that it has made him wonder about other spiritual occurrences out there.
Their son is due in early November and the excited parents have chosen the name ‘Ruairidh’ for him, meaning ‘red-haired king.’
They also intend to show him the scan photo when he’s older

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