Vice-President, Yemi Osinbajo’s Senior Special Assistant, Laolu Akande, has responded to the criticism trailing a report that the Aso Rock Villa Chapel has been relocated.

Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo
The VP’s spokesman described the report as false, saying a ‘procedural adjustment’ does not amount to relocation, and said it was not fair to accuse the President of relocating the church when what happened was ‘the sorting out of procedural issues.’ He insisted that it was baseless to assume that Buhari was hostile to Christians in the Presidential Villa.
“The claims that Buhari moved against Christian activities in Aso Rock Chapel have since been shown to be false. The sorting out of procedural issues cannot be a fair basis to accuse the President of moving against the chapel,” he tweeted.
This is the second time Akande would go to twitter to defend the Presidency over the same issue in the last-two weeks.
When an online media reported the closure of the children arm of the church, the VP’s aide told Nigerians to disregard the information. In fact, he described it as false. In his tweets, he said;
“Speculations that Buhari moved against Christian activities at the Aso Villa Chapel is a blatant lie. I personally worshipped there on Sunday. Also, claims that the children service at the Aso Villa closed down is equally false. Please disregard the wild claims being reported.”
The fresh social media controversy followed a report that some hired Senegalese spiritualists had advised Buhari to close the chapel. The report claimed that the spiritualists objected to the continued existence of the religious centre, as it was said to be affecting their rites in the villa.

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