A man who tried to forcefully have carnal knowledge of his friend’s wife got more than what he bargained for when the helpless woman chopped off his manhood with a cutlass.

Linus Ibok siting on the ground
A very bizarre occurrence took place in a community in Ikono Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State on Saturday, 5th of September involving one, Linus Ibok who tried to rape the wife of his best friend named Mrs Iniabasi Okon while the man was away.
Ibok innocently saw off his friend who happens to be a petty trader to the car park when he boarded a vehicle to Aba, Abia state for the purpose of purchasing some goods for sale.

According to the report, Ibok then trailed his wife to the farm where she was working. Iniabasi was not surprised when Ibok came to meet her in the farm, thinking he wanted to help her as he was almost like a member of the family. She was however, shocked when Ibok started confessing undying love for her.

When she told him in plain terms to leave the farm or she would report him to her husband, Ibok ran out of patience and attempted to rape her. The woman who ran out of options pulled out her cutlass and chopped off his manhood. After that, she ran to the village and inform other villagers who rushed to the farm to meet Ibok in a pool of his blood with his sliced manhood.

He was rushed to an hospital where he is currently receiving treatment. The leadership of the village are waiting for his full recovery before prosecuting him for his action.


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