Zainab Labbo, a 65 year old woman was given twelve strokes of the cane in Isa town, Sokoto State over witchcraft allegations.

Zainab Labbo
A 65-year old woman identified as Zainab Labbo was made to endure the ordeal of receiving 12 strokes of the cane in Isa town, Sokoto State after she was found guilty of bewitching her son’s wife. She was tried at the palace of the District Head, Alhaji Nasiru Malami Ahmed according to the sharia laws.
Her daughter-in-law accused her of using witchcraft to make her son treat her badly. Zainab was immediately tried by the palace authority and made to face the music after being found guilty of using magical powers.
Zainab however denied the allegation to journalists and confirmed that the twelve strokes were administered on her by the palace guards on the order of the District Head. Aggrieved residents at a press conference said that she was not the first victim to suffer such an unjust treatment by palace authorities.
A resident speaking to pressmen said:

“Our people are under siege by the gross and jungle justice of the palace authorities but nobody was ready to speak out before now. We are just courageous enough to invite you people (journalists) to Isa town and see things for yourselves. We have decided to tell the whole world what we are passing through.”

However, reacting on behalf of the District Head, Alhaji Aliyu Sarkin-Yamma, who is his younger brother and Village Head of Tsabre area, described the the allegations as unfounded. He explained that all disputes lodged at the palace are handled in accordance with the dictates of Shari’ah Law and said they are running the affairs of the people with the absolute fear of God.


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