Hell was let loose on Saturday, September 5, when a man met his wife and his father-in-law naked in bed.

Henry Allen Michael (Photo: Oakland County Sheriff)
According to detroit.cbslocal.com, Hell was let loose on Saturday, September 5, when a man met his wife and his father-in-law naked in bed. Trouble started at about 3:30 a.m when the 25-year old man walked into his home in the 100 block of W. Rundell Avenue in Pontiac, between Baldwin Avenue and Saginaw Street.
He found his 47-year old father-in-law, Henry Allen Micheal of Detroit, naked with his wife in bed. An argument ensued between them and Micheal (the father-in-law) stabbed the younger man in the back with a knife.
Police in Oakland County report that after stabbing his son-in-law, Micheal fled the accident scene in his son-in-law’s car. However, deputies were dispatched to McLaren Hospital after the man arrived with a non-life threatening stab wound that possibly perforated his right lung.
During interrogation, the 24-year-old woman told police that she and her father were out drinking and when she arrived back at the house, she passed out. She did not know what had happened until her husband woke her up, police said.
She said she might have been sexually assaulted by her father which made the hospital staff to run her through some tests. She was transported to the Haven START Program for further examination before being taken to a relative’s home.
The father-in-law was said to have been living with the couple in their home after he was released from prison. He has however been re-arrested and lodged at the Oakland County Jail on pending charges.
According to Sgt. Steven Troy of the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office, Michael’s criminal history includes a 1992 robbery for which he was found guilty, sentenced to 20 years and released in 2012. Then, in March of 2015, Michael pleaded guilty to assauit with a dangeous weapon in Taylor. For that crime he was placed on probation though this coming January.

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