Can sex parties really save marriages? Woman who arranges raunchy shindigs frequented by celebrities says they can; because they take the deceit out of wanting more sexually!

Louise is pictured, centre, with her boyfriend in one of her sex parties
40-year old dating guru, Louise Van der Velde, who says her love for her boyfriend is ‘deeper’ because they have an open relationship is convinced that frequenting sex parties together can save a marriage.
London-born Louise who works as an international sex and relationship expert, TV presenter and author is so convinced by the power of sex parties that she even runs her own in Marbella, Ibiza and Surrey. Speaking about her X-rated dos, she told MailOnline:
“Some may see them as sleazy, which is definitely why I have created a VIP brand just for hot, sexy, cool people. They are normal, lovely people who all have one thing in common: they want fun, but value being honest about their sexual needs. They simply just want a bit more from the humdrum of one lover.”
Louise Van der Velde, runs her own sex parties for hot, sexy, cool people.
Her two-day events welcome guests to a luxury villa with a skinny dipping party followed by Champagne and oysters. she explains that there are four breakout rooms: one for massage only, one for Tantra, and one dubbed ‘the human jigsaw room’, as well as a dungeon for the ‘more adventurous’ guests.
According to Louise, who didn’t reveal the cost of attending her Marbella parties, they are frequented by huge celebrity names. “They trust me as I never say anything about who’s there and all phones and cameras are removed on the door. My parties are known as the most elite and private in the world. Even though I talk generally about them in the media, discretion is my middle name.”
Louise says the ratio of woman to men is 70/30 because, she explains, “many couples want to play with girls.”She also explains that half of all attendants just “love being there and don’t even get involved.”
Photo from ‘dungeon room’ for the more adventurous guests in her sex parties
Speaking about her decision to establish sex parties, she said: “Before I started running these two years ago, I went to one myself but saw so much that needed to be improved, like the people – some were scruffy. If they turn up to ours looking anything less than amazing, they do not get in.”
Louise – also known as the Pleasure Professor, has divided opinion in the past with her views on cheating in relationships and marriages.

“I’ve always said I believe in honesty and not monogamy. If people don’t stop lying to themselves and their partner about their sexual needs and reassess how they may change over time, we will just continue to see a rise in infidelity, lies, cheating and divorce.

“I always said honesty is the key, sex parties take the deceit out of wanting more sexually and make it all okay. Couples can reconnect and share their fantasies together.”
Louise’s sex memoir and manual – ‘Decent Proposal’ she recently launched
Source: Mailonline

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