A statement by the representative of the University of Lagos, Head of Information Unit of the university, Mr. Olagoke Oke, on Sunday, 9th of August revealed that Dr. Akin Baruwa accused of raping an 18-year old admission seeker is not an employee of the institution.


He claims the University has taken the pains of doing a concrete search on the teaching and non teaching list of employees of the University and Baruwa’s name couldn’t be found.


Speaking with Punch correspondents, he said:


“The said Dr. Baruwa is a not a member of staff of the university, whether teaching or non-teaching. He also does not belong to the part-time or full-time teaching staff of the school. His name is not on the master list of workers of the university. I have checked the staff list using his full name and initials and could not come up with any such name as of Friday, August 6, 2015.

“I have also checked the list of office accommodation given to members of staff of the university and his name is not there. There is no office allocation attached to such a name. How he reportedly entered the said office where the crime took place is what we are looking into as an institution.

“While we sympathise with the alleged victim, we are ready to cooperate with every agency of government to get to the root of the matter as soon as possible. As an institution, we do not support any act of violence, not even against women. Therefore, we will help to ensure that the case comes to a logical conclusion.”


Contrary to his claims, some students in the Faculty of Business Administration have reported Baruwa is a part-time lecturer of the Accounting department. Efforts to reach the Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration, Prof. Rasheed Ojikutu, failed.

Meanwhile Baruwa is cooling his heels at the Kirikiri maximum prison in Lagos pending of the next hearing of his case in court. He confessed to the act but claims the sex action was consensual.


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