Pandemonium in Aba as Serious riot is reportedly going on now in Ariaria International market.

According to a breaking news on Igbere TV, there is a serious pandemonium in Aba, Abia State, as a riot is reportedly going on now in Ariaria International market. Atleast 3 traders are reported to have been shot dead by the police.
The Ariaria Police station is going into flames, tear gas all over as they beat up two police men and took away their guns.
Some police men from other divisions have come down to Ariaria police station as they spray tear gases inside and outside the market. As far as Ariaria market is concerned, market has been closed down for the day.
An eye witness revealed to RadioBiafra;
“Sad story as Nigeria Hausa/Fulani police killed innocent man at powerline shoe industrial area Aba, they packed their bus in the shoe maker’s line and entered at the back where few people enter to smoke, on their way going while people stood up to watch what was happening police started shooting and killed this innocent man who was working in front of his shop.”
Another witness told RadioBiafra London;

“In pretence of chasing Indian Hemp smokers who escaped their reach, Hausa/Fulani Police opened fire at ARIARIA MARKET ABA, leaving an Innocent Biafran in front of his Shop dead and others injured. There is an ongoing Protest and Pandemonium in Aba presently, as Residence in Aba are reacting towards the ill, babaric and Unjustified sporadic shooting and death of Biafrans.”

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