Singers Oritsefemi and Olamide are currently observing a cold war over the disparity in the fees paid by up and coming music artiste, Sossi for featuring on his “Seebee” remix track.

The tune of the melodious of the banging hit track “Seebee Remix” by a fast-rising Nigerian music artiste, Sossi has reportedly gone south after two Nigerian music heavyweights, Olamide and Oritsefemi featured on the song are currently at loggerheads with each other over the disparity in the collaboration fees paid by Sossi’s United States-based Bugatti Music Group.
Oritsefemi and Olamide during video-shoot
It was learnt that problem started weeks after Sossi dropped the remix. Sossi and his management were said to have paid Olamide 1.5 million naira for him to feature on the track while Oritsefemi was allegedly paid 500,000 naira.

This disparity in the fee was said to have angered Oritsefemi when he got wind of Olamide’s fee, which was apparently more than what he got from the label. He’s believed to be angry with Sossi and his management over their decision to pay him a lesser fee as against Olamide, who he perceived to be his junior colleague in the music industry.

A source close to Oritsefemi said that the singer was not happy when he heard that Olamide was paid more money than he was and he decided to voice his discomfort about the matter.
Oritsefemi believes he deserves more payment than Olamide due to his wealth of experience in the music industry against rapper Olamide who is like a newcomer to him. The cold war is currently brewing between both parties with members of both group frowning at each other.
Oritsefemi who just got discharged from the hospital is keeping mum over the issue while Olamide couldn’t be reached on phone as at the time of filing this report.

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