A gay couple have reportedly gone nude publicly on the street of Sao Paulo in Brazil to protest against homophobia.

Felippe and Marlon
As the idea of same-sex receives mixed reactions all over the world, two crazy gay lovers named Felippe and Marlon allegedly stripped themselves naked and held each other tightly on the crowded street of Sao Paulo in Brazil as an act of advocacy on the discrimination against homosexuality  in the country.
This was done as a form of photo-shoot in the middle of the street. The action was also a celebration of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) activism in the country.
It should be recalled that  homosexuality is not a crime in Brazil, it is notorious for having one of the highest murder rates for LGBT people and transgender people in particular, in the world.

For the past few years, violent crimes have increased against the LGBT community, with murder rates remaining worryingly high.

According to the photographers of the photoshoot namely Fabio Lamounier and Rodrigo Ladeira, their aim was to send a simple metaphorical message to the general public. The message goes thus:
“Stripping naked strips away prejudices, and, in the process, opens hearts and imaginations.”
“We have to be utopian and rethink a city naked of its prejudices, lovable even under the grey sky; complete just because of the differences, and respectful cause of the diversity.”

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