The PDP state chairmen have responded to Adams Oshiomhole’s allegation that a former minister stole $6 billion while in office.

Edo State Governor, Adams Oshiomhole
The Peoples Democratic Party Chairmen of the state branches have slammed recent comments by Edo State Governor, Adams Oshiomhole, saying that the governor is suffering from diarrhoea of the mouth.
The state chairmen were reacting to recent claims by Oshiomhole that a former minister under Goodluck Jonathan’s administration stole $6 billion while in office.
Their sentiments were conveyed via a statement released in Abuja by the Chairman of Conference of PDP State Chairmen, Emmanuel Agbo.
It reads in part:
“We view statements of 6 billion dollars theft credited to Adams Oshiomhole as very unfortunate as leaders at his level shouldn’t be suffering from diarrhoea of the mouth.”
“It is unfortunate that what we have in the hierarchy of the APC are irresponsible and politically irreverent talkatives and propagandists. That it takes America and American officials to reveal such monumental theft and it was unknown to the APC government until the American trip clearly shows the ineptitude of the APC government.”
Oshiomhole had claimed that the fraud was revealed to President Muhammadu Buhari by a US official during the president’s recent official visit.

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