Life is yet to return to normal for residents of Agbado area of Lagos, days after popular hotelier, Alhaji Tunji Alaaso, was murdered in the community.

Earlier this week,  popular Lagos hotelier, Alhaji Tunji Alaaso, who allegedly worked as a spy and an undercover agent for the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) was killed by unknown assailants.
He was said to have been shot several times and killed in his car in broad daylight around Mosalashi area of Agbado.
He was rumoured to have set-up a lot of yahoo yahoo boys with the Law Enforcement officials who connives with him to extorted them of their ill-gotten wealth. And may have been killed by the devils he was out to put on check. According to reports, he has survived several assassination attempts and was regarded as somebody with spiritual protection, but the last attempt on his life left those people dumb-funded. He was also rumored to be a GAY.
As expected, the incident threw residents of the community into a state of confusion, as noise of gunshots reportedly sent residents scampering for safety. But a visit by reporters in the parts of the community on Tuesday, observed that a lot of residents still operated with caution, while the popular Kola area of the community which is known for its bustling activities, was relatively a shadow of its old self.
Residents were seen going the extra mile to get petrol, a development they were quick to associate with the ugly development, rather than the skirmishes being currently experienced in the petroleum sector in some parts of the country including Lagos.
“All the petrol stations around here have refused to sell fuel because of the incident. Also, as a result of the popularity of the murdered man and the fear that his boys may want to carry out reprisal attacks, a lot of the stations have decided not to operate for now,” one of the residents said

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