President Buhari has again fumbled during the meeting with his American counterpart Barack Obama, while speaking about his party, the APC.


President Buhari might have again caused eyebrows to rise while speaking about the peaceful transition of power in the country.

The President made a mistake when he referred to the APC as the All Nigeria’s People’s Congress.
He however praised the American government under the leadership of Obama for mounting pressure on previous Jonathan’s government to conduct a free and fair election in Nigeria.
He said: “ We will ever remain grateful to you because there are fundamental objectives that are identify of All Nigeria’s People’s Congress — security, economy, employment especially of youth, and then fighting corruption.”

Watch the moment on 6.00 minute.
It would be recalled that after the shift of the the general elections from February to March, the APC’s candidate Buhari granted the interview to Aljazeera on February 8.
During the interview, Buhari was talking about elections and main Nigeria’s challenges such as corruption, the Boko Haram, economy crisis.

Buhari made a blunder when he named the INEC as the Independent Nigerian Electoral Commission. He also referred to his party as the ”All Progressives Confidence”.
It should be noted that Nigerian president is currently in the USA with state visit and had already had talks with Obama.

Well,even the president in all his magnanimity I not above mistakes…



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