A busty model and an angry snake together for a photo shoot – what could possibly go wrong?

Orit Fox holding the Serpent
Orit Fox, a model was on an Israeli radio show for a photoshoot between two of nature’s beautiful creatures as a model wrapped herself with a snake.

The B-list model and actress initially looked comfortable during the shoot in the radio studio, wrapping the huge snake around her legs, waist and neck while doing her best to look sexy.
In a figure hugging red and white striped dress, which revealed maximum cleavage, she gamely tried to take their bonding to the next level by licking the snake’s face.

Orit Fox licking the snake
As she maneurvered the animal into position for the ‘kiss’ Ms Fox loosened her grip on its neck, and after being licked the reptile reacted angrily.
It aimed straight for Fox’s prized assets and sunk its teeth deep into her left breast for several seconds before being pulled off by an assistant.
Fox was rushed to a local hospital, where she was given a tetanus shot.

The snake wasn’t so lucky and possibly died of silicone poisoning from the Orit Fox’s boob implant.

Video: This is the moment that Israeli model Orit Fox got more than she bargained for when she was bitten on the breast by a snake as she posed with it.

Watch the video:

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