Information reaching Per Second News indicate that former National security adviser, NSA Sabo Dasuki has been arrested and whisked to an unknown destination.

Per Second News last week exclusively reported the rejection of his resignation letter by President Buhari on the grounds that he has to account for funds received under his tenure running into billions of dollars.

Sabo has come under increasing pressure over his leadership. Per Second News reliably gathered that the Presidency has received some petitions of alleged impropriety, warning that there was “something rotten” in the NSA’s office.

Findings by Per Second News also echoed critics’ concerns about spendings, and alleged lack of transparency and why billions of Naira were kept in secret accounts by the NSA.

According to credible security source, the soldiers attached to the residence of the embattled NSA had been withdrawn on the orders of the president paving the way for his arrest this evening.

Investigation carried out by Per Second News last week shows that huge sums of money are being unaccounted for due to improper filing of contracts papers under Sabo.

The unaccounted funds poses a “significant financial risk and demonstrates a lack of internal control over the NSA’s contract actions, according to the findings.

More to come


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