See the 15ft python which is a pet that is being kissed by a 2-year old little girl.

A man is currently doing the unusual by keeping 19 pet snakes. The most unique one is a 15ft python which is passionately loved by his two years old daughter who usually kisses the reptile before going to bed every night.
The serpent is owned by a 35-year old man named Rob Cowan. His daughter’s name is Alisha-Mae. The 35-year-old has collected snakes since his teens and they include nine reticulated pythons, three Burmese pythons, five royal pythons and even two anacondas.
Gentle giant Austin – a 15-foot Burmese python – enjoys nothing more than relaxing in the garden with Rob, his fiancee Stacey and Alisha-Mae.
Rob Cowan believes the bad treatment given to reptiles in the world today is borne out of lack of knowledge.
Rob Cowan, Alisha-Mae and Python
Rob said: “My snakes are part of my family. They are the most amazing creatures and make brilliant pets.

“Despite you being more likely to be seriously hurt by the family dog than a snake, people are really scared of them.

“If someone were to come round to my house and be so scared of my snakes that they wouldn’t go near them I’d show them how my two-year-old daughter is with them.


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