Oritsefemi’s camp has denied speculations linking the ‘double wahala’ singer to the mental illness that reportedly struck his former manager, Danku, shortly after they parted ways on a sour note.

Oritsefemi and ex-manager, Banku
‘Double Wahala’ singer, Oritsefemi has denied been behind the misfortune that befell his erswhile manager, Adebola Yusuf Adepitan aka Danku.
The once fruitful relationship between the duo turned sour when the singer accused his manager of not properly managing the release and sales of his last album – Money Stop Nonsense. He also reportedly accused Danku of taking one of his expensive cars without his permission and crashed it.

About a month after news of their split became public, Danku reportedly came down with a strange illness and had to be taken to a psychiatric hospital in Abeokuta, Ogun State. The turn of events made some people to speculate Oritsefemi was behind his former business partner’s illness.

However, a source in the singer’s camp, who pleaded anonymity, absolved the MSN Gang boss of blame, saying it was mere coincidence that Danku fell ill shortly after the parted ways.

“The two of them are no more working together as business partners and it is official. They had since parted way after Oritsefemi released his last album. That was before Danku became ill”, the source disclosed.

He went on to state that “what happened between them was that Oritsefemi was not happy with the way his album was handled. It is only coincidental that he had the problems after they split but Oritse Femi has nothing to do with his problems. The truth is that he is better now and he has since been discharged from the hospital. He is already at home and his wife is taking care of him but he does not want to address the press now”.


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