A married woman who reports first claimed she died mysteriously after giving birth to twin babies for her secret lover. She actually took her own life, investigations have proven.

The story continues of the married woman, Joy Bakare, who mysteriously died few weeks ago in  Ejigbo, a suburb of Lagos State, a few days after giving birth to a set of twins allegedly for her lover.
New reports have emerged that she actually committed suicide by drinking poison after the man she left her husband for refused to marry her owing to the fact that he is also married and would not want his wife to know about xtra-marital affairs.
Bakare who was said to be married with three children, was reportedly sent packing from her matrimonial home after she got impregnated by another man identified as Fatai.
After she was sent out of her home by her husband, Fatai took her to stay with a woman friend till she put to bed but while he accepted the twins, he refused to marry her.
When she died, a suicide note she left behind was discovered where she stated that she decided to take her life because the man she left her husband for, had refused to marry her as his second wife.
According to what she wrote before killing herself, she said she thought that her lover would marry her, especially because she left her husband for him. But after sleeping with her and impregnating her, Fatai refused to fulfill all the sweet promises he made to her and no way to go back to her husband.
It was also learnt that days before her corpse was discovered, she had complained to the woman she was staying with that she had hoped Fatai would marry her after she left her husband because of him, but that did not happen as she later discovered that he was also married and had children, and he could not rent an apartment for her even after she had the babies.

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