U.S rapper, Tyga has been put on another blast as another transgender model has revealed their secret sex escapades.

Ever since the ‘sext’ messages allegedly between Tyga and trans-porn actress, Mia Isabella were leaked, transgenders have been coming out of the woodwork to tell their story and to burn Tyga’s relationship with kardashian star, Kylie Jenner.
Popular American VH1 star model and trangender, Sidney Starr, has exclusively revealed to MediaTakeOut.com of her sex escapade with rapper Tyga. Below is what she revealed, *Explicit content*
“I been had Tyga years ago, he had some good penis. I met him when young money came to Chicago for a concert we hooked up on the tour bus, I wasn’t sure if he knew if I was transgender or not but he didn’t ask and I didn’t bother to tell.
Then we f*cked like hounds in the night I gave him great head ! I told him he was the best I ever had … Then I ate the booty like groceries. I love eating a**!
I will never forget that night and I’m sure he won’t either. So Mia Issbella and Kylie Jenner needs to sit their asses down somewhere cause Tyga was my man first in the words of Ray J, I hit it first!!!
I’m Sidney Starr bitch the baddest Tranny !!! All these transgenders are my sons!!”

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