An Indian man vies for the position of the man with the largest mouth in the world and the unbelievable way he stuffs large items in his mouth has called for a massive attention. He is trying to beat the official record for the ‘World’s Widest Mouth’ by the Guinness Book of World Records.
His name is Dinesh Upadhyaya and he happens to be a science teacher from Mumbai. At his leisure time, he specialises in stuffing large objects in his mouth to amaze surrounding people and onlookers who reportedly take photographs.
He has already broken 48 records by holding 92 pencils, 79 grapes, 12 lit candles, five golf balls in his mouth. And he is not going to stop, this time he put 1,001 straws into his mouth and hold them for a minute. Mr Upadhyaya, who is nicknamed Maximouth said:
“My dream is to break all possible mouth stuffing records as soon as possible. To enhance my mouth stuffing capacity, I practice yoga and breathing exercises regularly. I also massage my facial muscles and using fingers I try to stretch the opening of my mouth as much as possible.

“I repeat this for up to ten minutes to make my cheek rubber-like. At first I could only fit 50 in my mouth. I went through the most painful experience. But I was confident enough to break this record and soon, with practice, I increased my mouth stretching capacity and was able to fit more than 70 pencils.”
An lthough Mr Upadhyaya undoubtedly has an abnormally large mouth, Francisco Domingo Joaquim from Angola, whose mouth measures 17 cm, holds the official title for the ‘World’s Widest Mouth’ affirmed by the Guinness Book of World Records.
Check out the pictures taken to see if the science teacher truly has a point to prove.

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