As reported by National Enquirer:

Nollywood actor/producer, Desmond
Elliot is in the middle of a serious
The handsome Nollywood star, National
Enquirer gathered is presently in a
sizzling romance with two blood sisters
and this has been causing squabbles
between the half-caste ladies of same
parents, Roseline and Yvette Muere.
According to one of Desmond’s close
friends, the actor has been secretly
stepping out with the two sisters
separately and as at the last time, he
was spotted with the eldest, Roseline
Muerer at the just concluded Nollywood
at 20 event which held at the prestigious
Intercontinental hotel, Victoria Island,
Lagos. Though not so many people are
aware that they came together, the
“couple” who came in same car stylishly
stepped into the hall in a ‘CODED’
manner to deceive the public.
And in another development, Desmond
whose wife has bore him 2 set of twins
has also been seen with the youngest
Muerer, Yvette at The Mall, where they
went to see movies together, he has also
flown the teenage
girl to several movie sets in Calabar and
as a matter of fact, the school certificate
holder, Yvette has once crashed
Desmond’s coupe’s car which she
cruises around.
Tracing the genesis of their relationship,
we gathered that, the beautiful Roseline
sought Desmond’s help to make her an
actress and no sooner they met than he
(Desmond) featured her to star alongside
notable faces like Uti Nwachukwu, Ini
Edo, Lydia Forson, Morris Sesay in one of
the films he directed, In The Cupboard, a
story that revolves around the lives of six
siblings born into the rich, aristocratic
Desouza family; a name synonymous
with wealth & power, the rest as they say
has been history.

The source told National Enquirer further
that Desmond and Roseline’s affair
blossomed to the extent that, Rose’s
mum got wind of it, this was what
informed the closeness of Rose younger
sister, Yvette and before anybody could
say Jack Robinson, the teenage girl had
moved in with Desmond in his
matrimonial home in Lekki without her
sister’s consent, and meanwhile
Desmond’s wife has since been in the US
where she was delivered of their second
set of twins.
Bubble however burst when Yvette’s
whereabouts was unknown and Rose’s
efforts to visit her boyfriend who had
paraded and introduced her to friends as
the new woman in his life were abortive,
this aroused suspicion as Rose had to
confront her sister to tell her of her
hidden place. It was a hot argument
between the blood sisters but we learnt
they later resolved, even though Yvette
confessed that nothing has happened
between her and Desmond despite that
she’s been everywhere with him including
staying in his matrimonial home and
cruising his ride.
National Enquirer called Desmond Elliot
and his swift response was not just
appalling but amazing, here us: “this call
is from National Enquirer, we’re
investigating a story of your relationship
with the Muerer sisters, Roseline and
Yvette, we would like to know more
about it, after a moment of sigh, he told
us he was driving and after confronted
him with the fact at hand, in a trembling
voice, the actor said “look, just wait like
that, and the next thing was a lady’s
voice on the line, “hi hello, my name is
Roseline Muerer, how’re you, and just
before we began to ask her anything,
Desmond spoke again, just wait o, hold
on again and alas, he put the younger
Muerer on the line again, hello how’re
you, my name is Yvette and he got the
line back line, look what I can tell you is
that, we’re all family friends, don’t know
who’s giving you the story but the story
is unfounded, in fact, do you have a
blackberry, please text it to me I’ll add
you right away so that we can chat
further, he said.
Meanwhile our source has promised
provide and tell us more about the
amazing lifestyles of the Muerer sisters.


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