Boko Haram leader, Abubakar Shekau, has
‘resurrected’ barely three months after the
Nigerian Army claimed that he has been killed in
a gun battle with the military. The army had
claimed that Shekau suffered several gunshot
wounds when he engaged the military in a gun
duel and he might not survive it.
However, the fugitive has resurfaced and has
threatened to end Nigeria’s democracy. Shekau
spoke in a new video recently released and
mocked the Nigerian Army claiming that he
cannot be killed except by the “will of Allah.”
The Boko Haram leader also disclosed that he
masterminded the recent Borno attack, which
happened few days ago.
He spoke from a bushy environment and
surrounded by some of his men, all clothed in
army camouflage. Shekau also revealed that he
has taken possession of three armoured tankers,
large cache of arms and fleets of the vehicles
belonging the the Nigerian army as well as being
in possession of some troops.
“It was said that I was killed, but here I am; I
deliberately refused to respond on time; but here I
am talking and laughing at Nigerian authority
who misled the world that I am dead,” Shekau
said in the video.
He added that, “I believe by now Lt Col Sagir
Musa, who issued the statement of my death
should bury his head in shame; President
Jonathan should bury his head in shame;
President Barrack Obama should bury his head in
shame, President François Hollande should bury
his head in shame.
“How shameful is it for Nigerian military for a
man they called inconsequential to defeat them
and seize their tankers and arms. We have
celebrated our victory in Monguno, Benisheik and
surrounding villages, and we shall not relent until
total victory comes our way, by Allah’s will.”
“I swear by Allah that there will be no democracy
in Nigeria,” Shekau threatened, noting that, “we
are going to rise against it and we shall soon
defeat. The concept of government of the people
by the people, for the people cannot continue to
exist. It shall soon, very soon, be replaced by
government of Allah, by Allah for Allah.



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