Ex Big Brother Africa ‘ s contestant , Beverly is
deeply sorry for embarrassing her country,
Nigeria . The two ex –
housemates recounted their personal
experiences in the Big Brother House . /


was the first to put the record straight , as she
denied having sex in the House with her South
African counterpart , Angelo. She however ,
confirmed that her relationship with Angelo
was real .

In BBA House
The experience was awesome.Though it was
challenging , God really saw me through . It is
something everybody should look forward to
participating in . I don’ t believe I was cheated
during the grand finale . Housemates from West
Africa were not only united but, we dominated
the House . Whoever won the show really
deserved to win . For me and Melvin , having
made it to the finals , we are equally winners in
our own rights . At least , we brought something
home to show for our efforts .

Having sex with South Africa ’s Angelo!…

I did not have sex in the House . I had a
relationship with Angelo Collins but we did not
have sex. I loved him and I still love him . I am
a blunt person and very real . People that knew
me before BBA know that I don’ t pretend to be
who I am . If it happens , you fall in love , you
can ’ t fake it . I did not have sex with Angelo. I
was under the bathtube , but we never had sex.
Maybe, the camera made it look so . Everybody
gets naked to have their bath , so I don’ t think
it is wrong for me to be naked when I have my
bath too . There was no way . I couldn ’ t be
different because I went for a reality show. So,
I should not be judged by what people saw
during the show since I didn ’ t intentionally
bring out my video for all to see . .Big brother
did that.

Winning strategy…
I am a very blunt person. Melvin can testify to
this claim because he stayed with me for ninety
one days in the House . I was only talking to
my fellow Housemates . And I don’ t regret
anythin I said about myself and my family.
This is because if I have to be on this platform,
people have to know the real me and what I
have been through .

On her plans for the future…
I ’ ll continue with my online reality show
“Beverly Says” and I ’ ll complete my education.
I also intend to go into acting . I ’ m a 200 level
student of the National Open University of
Nigeria , where I am studying Mass

My mum’ s reaction…
My mum has tutored me very well. Even if the
whole world rejects me today , my mum can ’ t
reject me . I love my mum so much. I ’ m her
only daughter and the last child in the family.
I have always been there for her , just as she
has always been there for me . I will not
disappoint my mum intentionally by saying she
this or she ’ s that…


Embarrassing Nigerians…
I don’ t feel happy about it because this is the
first time , I represented the country in any
continental competition . But the fact remains
that if you didn ‘ t go for it , you wouldn ‘ t know
how it ’ s in the House . I wasn ‘ t there with my
cell phone to be able to communicate with the
outside world . I was just there alone. I ’ m sorry
for embarrassing my country. I didn ‘ t do it
intentionally. My participation in the show was
not to embarrass my country. I am a proud

On featuring in a porn production by
I heard about it . Thanks for the offer but no .



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