Mike Tyson says he’s ‘on the verge
of dying’
Tyson reveals he still suffers from

On the outside looking in, it seems like
Mike Tyson is doing well. He’s on the verge
of a new career as a boxing promoter, and
has lost more than 100 pounds since
tipping the scale at 380 at his unhealthiest
point. During a press conference at the
Turning Stone Resort in central New York,
however, Tyson revealed he’s still battling
drug and alcohol addiction, and his
condition may be worse than ever.
( Warning: Interview contains profanity)

“I’m a bad guy
sometimes. I did a lot
of bad things, and I
want to be forgiven. So
in order for me to be
forgiven, I hope they
can forgive me. I
wanna change my life,
I wanna live a different
life now. I wanna live
my sober life. I don’t
wanna die. I’m on the
verge of dying, because
I’m a vicious alcoholic.
I haven’t drank or took
drugs in six days, and
for me that’s a miracle.
I’ve been lying to
everybody else that
think I was sober, but
I’m not. This is my
sixth day. I’m never
gonna use again.”

We hope for his sake he doesn’t …


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