A middle-aged woman, Evelyn Atemkeng,
believed to be from Cameroon, was arrested by
men of the Nigeria Immigration Service, in
Calabar, Cross River State, for allegedly buying a
three-day-0ld baby at the cost of N1.2 million.
Accompanied by her mother, Anastasia
Fambong, the suspect was said to have bought
the baby from a matron of a clinic in Delta
In a statement made by the Commander of the
Cross River State Command, Samuel Ichoi, he
said his men accosted Mrs. Atemkeng while she
was boarding a ship to Cameroon.
The Nation reports :
He said: “The lady came from Cameron to
Nigeria on Friday without any sign of
pregnancy but she was found to be carrying a
baby and when my men examined her there
are no signs that she just gave birth. So, she
and the baby were apprehended.”
Mrs Atemkeng told reporters she gave birth to
the baby and that the money she paid into the
account of the matron was for delivery and
herbs she gave to her to aid delivery.
“She (matron) said my breast would start
producing milk in three weeks but for now the
baby is taking baby food,” Atemkeng said.
She said she came to Nigeria because she did
not have anybody in Cameroon to take care of
She said: “I am married and my husband is in
Cameroon but there is nobody to take care of
me in Cameroon; that was why I came to
Nigeria to deliver.”
The Anti-Human Trafficking officer of the NIS
at the Calabar Port, Mrs Agbor Ojong Ogar,
said she took time to examine the woman and
she did not have any sign of someone who just
gave birth.
She said: “The woman passed here on Friday;
she left on Saturday and returned to Calabar
on Tuesday and was heading back to
Cameroon with a baby and when we examined
her, she does not have any signs of having
given birth recently.”


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