Update-kim Kardashians Fake Tweet Sends Shock Waves


Kim Kardashian

The last time Kim Kardashian trended in Nigeria was when she made her first visit to the country for Darey’s valentine concert in February. A month later, she’s burning up the social trend list in Nigeria over a ‘tweet’ which seemed to have erupted a lot of discomfort among Nigerians.

How dangerous can 140 characters be? Well, when Kim K allegedly tweeted that ‘Nigeria is such a disgusting country. I couldn’t wait to leave. lol Scott said their women look like  apes and I agree’.

Although the tweet was fake, ‘photoshopped’ by a certain @chuckicheese, it went viral in minutes with Nigerians reacting- expectedly – negatively to it. The scenario became that serious and some blogs actually fell for the expensive joke.


Funniest s**t, I ALWAYS use @BET for my fake retweets but people still fall for it‘, @chuckicheese wrote on his Twitter last night.

Nigerian rapper 2shotz was one of the many Nigerians who also fell for it. ‘F**k kim kardarshian…..how wld she say such about naija girls?‘, he wrote on his Twitter page.

this is another fake tweet below-

Kim Kardashian tweet (2)


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